“Building Business Partnerships for a Stronger Community”




The Munds Park Business Alliance launched its effort to bring businesses together to work towards the betterment of the community. With NUMEROUS signature businesses and dozens of local volunteers, the organization has made great inroads in assisting member businesses with referrals and building their business bases.  Many of the businesses have enjoyed significant increases in their own revenues while also participating in several community outreach and enhancement programs.


The Welcome Basket


The Welcome basket program was one of the first informational segments that the organization initiated. More than a THREE HUNDRED baskets have been delivered to Munds Park newcomers with loads of participating business information, maps, gifts and coupons from the businesses.  The baskets include a pamphlet highlighting all of the service and charitable groups that work to make Munds Park the special community it is, as well as a variety of gifts supplied by the group. Member businesses are asked to submit their 2017/2018 Basket information, gifts etc. ASAP so that baskets can be made before the end of the month.    Please turn in your Welcome Basket material into Len Friedlund at Provident Partners Realty Office as soon as you have the collateral ready.


Beautification Committee


This committee worked to develop a plan to implement a three phase “Beautification” to the commercial district.  The planting of 175 trees throughout Munds Park occurred in 2015 after five years of fundraising and planning with the county and local businesses. Welcome signs were designed and installed in 2016 with the support and backing of the Pinewood Property Owners Association and the county and local businesses.  A fundraising effort is ongoing to raise monies to plant wildflower seed along the East side of the freeway as well as around the new Welcome signs.  MPBA is working on the “Community Plan” which is being supported by the Pinewood Country Club, Pinewood Sanitary District and the PPOA as well as adjacent individual property owners. The group is also requesting that ADOT do something with the entrance to address the weeds and litter.




The ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY Volunteers are in their fourth season, supported and sponsored by the MPBA, in an effort to keep the entrances to Munds Park clean and litter free.  This effort is coordinated between MPBA and Coconino County.  All Munds Park residents and visitors are invited to participate.


The Future of Beautification


Emphasis will shift to working with property owners adjacent to the Munds Park entrances in an effort to continue to clean up the Park entrances. Meetings will be established with the local convenience markets and gasoline service stations to work with MPBA and the county to improve the easement areas in front of their businesses. Much of the litter and debris found are emanating from these areas.  The Pinewood Sanitary District and Pinewood Country Club and Pinewood Property Owners Association will all be working together to address the common areas on both the East and West side of the freeways to improve the appearance and decrease the abundant weed growth.