“Building Business Partnerships for a Stronger Community”


The Munds Park Business Alliance (MPBA) has created two classified directories of contact information which can be used by the residents in order to locate service suppliers and businesses.  This is the first time the directories have been offered and should be very helpful, especially to our new residents.  There will be frequent updates in order to fill in some of the missing information and add or delete businesses.  At any time changes are required, our users are encouraged to contact the MPBA at the number below and they will be incorporated.

Service Directory


This directory has all of the utilities and services that our new residents need to establish when they buy their home in the community.  And there is always some reason for existing residents to communicate with them in order to make changes or inquiries.


Business Directory


This directory is an all-inclusive listing of the businesses that operate in Munds Parks whether the business in headquartered here or in a neighboring community.  This is a composite of many lists that exist currently plus those businesses that have advertised in the Pinewood News as well as a number of business cards that were gathered in this process.  Please add any information that you may have that is not on the list.  You will see that there are references without company names, owner names, and a lot of email addresses.  If you have the missing information, contact the MPBA for inclusion.


MPBA members are so indicated with  MPBA  before the company name, the intent being to identify those businesses that have joined which indicates their participation in the community.  The MPBA encourages residents to utilize the services of these businesses but does not guarantee the quality of materials or labor.



Len Friedlund


(928) 600-3896 cell